Effects of STRESS during Pregnancy

1.  Increased Labor Pain

2.  Increase in STRESS hormones

3.  Depression

4.  Low birth weight and premature labor

5.  Higher incidences of miscarriage

6.  Prolonged labor or failure to progress in          labor

7.  Obstetrical complications

8.  Increased likelihood of exhibiting                     unhealthy lifestyle habits

9.  Delayed infant neuromotor development

10.  Uterine Vasoconstriction

11.  Dampened effectiveness of oxytocin  

12.  Elevated maternal heart rate and blood           pressure

Effects of STRESS on FETAL Development

1.  Premature labor

2.  Low birth weight

3.  High blood pressure and cardiovascular         disease later in life

4.  Cognitive delays, such as autism and             autistic spectrum disorders  

5.  Neuromotor delays

6.  Behavioral problems, such as ADD

7.  Slowed brain development

8.  Obesity later in life

9.  Hypersensitivity

10.  Cleft lip and cleft palate

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

1.  Prepares the woman physically,                     emotionally. and mentally for labor

2.  Treats the common discomforts of                   pregnancy

3.  Reduces pain

4.  Elevates mood, encourages loving                 maternal care

5.  Minimizes nausea, stimulates peristaltic         activity

6.  Fosters deeper breathing, enhances               internal respiration

7.  Speeds up venous and lymph circulation.       brings nutrients to tissues and eliminates       waste products, reduces swelling. eases         varicose veins, normalizes blood pressure

8.  Decreases chronic muscle tension, restores postural balance, normalizes joint range of motion

9.  Supports a healthy in utero environment

10.  Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety

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