About me

 My name is Philip R Atienza. I was born and raised in the Philippines. On November 15, 2002, I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. After working in a casino and different other jobs, I decided to learn massage and be a massage therapist. I graduated on December 2012 with 4.0 GPA from NorthWest Career College and received my massage license on February 2013.  Phil Good Massage Therapy was created on July 2013 and its intention was to be of excellent service all over the world. December 2014 , I decided to learn Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There I met my girlfriend who happens to be from the Netherlands. Two years later I moved here and started Phil Good Massage Therapy in Zaandam. 


I am hoping to be of service to all.


Phil Good Massage Therapy 



1. Kan de bloeddruk helpen te verlagen.

2. bevorderd de ontspanning van de spieren en  beweging.

3. kan helpen uw houding te verbeteren.

4. het helpt mee met het versterken van het immuunsysteem.

5. het kan helpen bij gewichtsverlies en het verlagen van het stresshormoon cortisol.

6. vermindert angst.

7. helpt om beter te slapen.

8. helpt bij verminderen van rugpijn.

9. helpt je humeur te verbeteren.

10. helpt het verlagen van spanning hoofdpijn.

Why get a massage?





When you have a car and you love your car, you make sure you bring it to a car mechanic to be checked every couple of thousand miles. So it will run smoothly and won't break down on you in the middle of the road. Same thing happens to us when we help our body to heal and recuperate through massage regularly. You function better, you will perform better and will have a happier life.

Massage therapy = function better = happier life.


Phil Good Massage Therapy, for a better, happier life.